Metasaurs Punks are SOLD OUT!

Buy Metasaurs Punks on OpenSea!

Metasaurs Punks
By Dr. DMT

Metasaurs Punks are Dr. DMT's next-generation futuristic genetic simulation, living on the Ethereum blockchain, this time, forever…

Metasaurs Punks are SOLD OUT: 11,117 minted.

Buy Metasaurs Punks on OpenSea, and join the Metasaurs Discord community.

Metasaurs Punks are SOLD OUT!

11,117 Metasaurs Punks minted.

Buy Metasaurs Punks on OpenSea!

Who is Dr. DMT?

I'm an authentic Bored Ape from the Bored Ape Yacht Club, formerly known as BAYC Ape #4588, creator of Metasaurs, one of the fastest growing and most passionate NFT communities in history.

I've been busy in The Lab, and Metasaurs Punks is my next-generation futuristic Metasaurs collection!

You thought that was mustard on my tanktop? That is actually MetaDNA chemicals from my experiments in The Lab. I'm the meta scientist who genetically engineered the original 9,999 unique Metasaurs.

You can call me Dr. DMT.

It's been 65 million years since the dinosaurs have been around. A Bored Ape needs companions too. #BAYC #dmtgang #Metasaurs can live together, maybe we'll be less Bored together as a community.

How did I create the Metasaurs? See below.

What are Metasaurs Punks?

An NFT collection of 11,117 Metasaurs Punks are Dr. DMT's next-generation MetaDNA experiment to create mechanized dinosaurs, living on the Ethereum blockchain, this time, forever.

The first Metasaurs collection: T-Rex (50%) X BAYC Ape #4588 (50%)

Metasaurs Punks is the second generation of Metasaurs.
Metasaurs [75%] x AI Robots [25%]

Bored Ape intelligence and fresh style, the speed and apex predator instincts of the Metasaurs, combined with artificial intelligence of machines:

Metasaurs Punks are contending to be the Kings of the Metaverse.

Metasaurs Punks are


Metasaurs Punks are computer generated by Dr. DMT in The Lab from 300+ hand drawn traits. Each Metasaurs Punk consists of between 4-7 combined traits, of various rarities.

The possibilities are endless, like the infinite lifespans of these Metasaurs on the blockchain.

The most rare Metasaurs Punks are called Epic Rares, of which there are 15.
Epic Rares are completely hand-drawn (no computer generation):

The Roadmap

Each Metasaur Punk comes with the privilege of access and features in our member's only areas of The Lab, with the ability to earn Diamond Hands Points (DHP) for HODLing and earn RARITY points + level-up in our casual Metasaurs games released on November 30th.

Metasaurs Punks holders also gain access to the exclusive Metasaurs Hodlers channel on the Metasaurs Discord Community, where you can hang out forever with our family of Metasaurs.

December 16th, 2021 (Whitelist Pre-Sale)


December 17th, 2021 (Public Sale)


*200 randomly generated Metasaurs Punks are being reserved for marketing efforts and the team.

December 25th, 2021

Wen Lambo?
Wen all 11,111 Metasaurs Punks have been minted!

After all 11,117 Metasaurs Punks have been minted, we will announce the winner of the Special Edition Metasaurs Punks Lamborghini Gallardo (original MSRP: $209,000 USD) giveaway, randomly chosen from 1/11,117 Metasaurs Punks holders + public entrants who fill out this giveaway submission form.

Wallet snapshot taken at 5:00PM EST on January 15th, 2021!

Metasaurs Partners with to Form World-Class Blockchain Game Studio - MetaGames

Official Metasaurs Game will be released, based on the original Metasaurs collection.

-P2E (Play-to-Earn) Game
-Launch of $RAWR Tokens

Increased exposure for the Metasaurs brand, with the official Metasaurs Game to the broader community of 8M+ WAX gamers (growing 400K+ per month).

Initial Metasaurs Game release is based on the original Metasaurs collection, with future potential to integrate the Metasaurs Punks collection as an expansion, or future game theme.

Press Release for WAX + Metasaurs + MetaGames Partnership

Community Vision

We believe that size of community is the most valuable long-term asset.

Larger community size means we can get larger partnerships, and expand the Metasaurs brand into bigger things, hopefully feature-length movies, on-going NetFlix series, one day.

This will help bring brand awareness to Metasaurs for prominent long-term mainstream partnerships, not only limited to the NFT world.

Fair Minting

Metasaurs Punks cost .09 ETH to mint in Public Sale, and will be revealed once 100% of minting is complete. If any Metasaurs Punks are un-minted, the total collection size will be equal to the number minted by December 25th, 2021 at 1pm EST, and the un-minted supply will be burned.

Efficient Minting

Our Pre-Sale Whitelist will last approximately 24 hours, giving people the chance to mint without a gas war.

Our smart contract is optimized to reduce transaction failure, and save you in gas fees.

Metasaurs by Dr. DMT is committed to our community and on-going expansion of the The Lab and the Metasaurs Metaverse, expanding our community with the release of 11,117 Metasaurs Punks.

We support inclusion, diversity, and community oriented expansion based on your input. Please join our Discord today and become a Metasaur.

Join Our Discord Group for Giveaways, Updates, and to Join the Metasaurs Community.

The Team

Dr. DMT aka Merlin Kauffman - Meta Scientist

Merlin Kauffman is the self-dox'd Metasaurs and Metasaurs Punks creator, one of the fastest growing communities in NFT history.

Founder and former CEO of Soothe (Uber of Massage), Harvard Business School graduate.

Conductor of experiments and mixologist of MetaDNA. Coordinator of alchemical interactions with the team.

MixTheWhiskey and Draken - Twin Futuristic Artists

Illustrious illustrations of futuristic Metasaurs meeting the Metaverse, born in The Lab.

bl0ckch41n - Block-age Lead Engineer

Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Solidity, and ’Saurs are his love languages.


Valiant - The Front End Web Dev

HTML, CSS, and making everything prettier in The Lab.


Photonic - The Community Manager

Creator of Lore and seemingly everywhere in The Jungle at all times, surprising and delighting the Metasaurs family, ensuring our infinite survival.


Brimstone - The Chaos Controller

Task master extraordinare, keeping all the lose ends tied and making sure the MetaDNA chemicals have the right ingredients to make the perfect potion.